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Lowest prices in Australia on quality ink cartridges and toners.

The company “Ink Hub” was established by Dean Michael in early 2007.

The aim of the business was to provide a range of very high quality ink cartridges,toners and refill kits.

The early stages of the business were spent testing and sourcing mainly compatible ink cartridges from all over the world to find the BEST quality products.

It was a learning process for us and we imported ink cartridges from USA, China, Hong Kong and also sourced products from Australian wholesalers.

After extensive testing, feedback from customers and much lost money we were able to identify which cartridges were 100% reliable.
We believe that we now have the BEST range of compatible ink cartridges available in Australia !
The main criteria our cartridges have to pass are:

Print quality - this is directly related to the type of dyes or pigments used in the cartridges.

Compatibility - We sell only the latest generation cartridges so you can be assured that our cartridges WILL work with your printer.

(this is especially so with Epson ink cartridges).

Pricing - We constantly strive to keep our prices as low as possible.

We will NEVER compromise on the quality of our ink cartridges to lower prices!

Customer Satisfaction - Above any other criteria our highest concern is Customer Satisfaction.

Business Details

Company: Ink Hub

Telephone: 08 7324 3065

Address:6 Coach House Mews
Hillbank South Australia Australia

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