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Your feet are one of the most overlooked parts of your body, which sadly remain neglected always.

A typical beauty regime in the life of most women revolves around her face or neck and sometimes her hands.

A woman’s feet are unfortunately, the last priority in her beauty regimen.

This neglect leads to various foot-related problems, which include itchy feet, infections and also foot odor.Foot odor is one such embarrassing problem faced by women all over the world.

Traditionally, women should take more care of their appearance and be conscious about the way they smell.

No gorgeous diva is gorgeous without a pair of classy shoes that flaunt her well-pedicured fragrant feet.

Having your feet smelling bad can be embarrassing and also indicative of neglect.If you’re dealing with this embarrassing problem, here’s a brief lowdown to help you get rid of your feet odor woes:

Wash your feet: Make it a daily habit to wash your feet before going to bed.

If you remain barefoot most of the times, it is better to wash your feet with salt and water.

Use a good antiseptic soap to keep your feet free from infections.

You can also consider using vinegar, green tea or black tea to wash off your feet, and scrub them properly with foot scrub.2.

Moisturize: It is imperative to keep your feet moisturized, as it also helps in preventing cracked heels.

Well-moisturized feet give fewer problems and also help in keeping infections away.

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