Oz Meet Up

Meet-up sites are great places to host your events, but paying US$180/yr to be an organizer is far too much.

Here you only pay AU$24/yr for each group you own. We are owned by Australians, for Australians.

Whether you are hosting huge events and charging for bookings, or simply meeting up for a coffee on a Sunday morning, our site can cater for your needs.

The problem as always is, how will people know about you?

Oz Meet Up is an Australian website, allowing visitors to find your functions by going directly to their town or suburb through a directory tree.

There they can see which groups are listed and what they provide.

By clicking on your group name, they are then taken to a full website page where you can explain exactly what you offer.

From there, they can go directly to your group page to make a booking, view photo albums, message other members and more.

Groups can be public, private or completely hidden from the group list, while still allowing visitors to read your profile page.

Privacy is taken very seriously, and only the site admin knows a member's username or email address.

Everyone else only ever see a member's nickname and member ID number.

Members can choose to make their profile public, for logged in users only, for friends only, or hidden completely.

Check us out today, you will be pleasantly surprised at the power, price and features of a locally made, Australian meet-up website.

Business Details

Company: ozmeetup.com

Telephone: (08) 6365 0428

Address:Lot 222 Wagoora Way
Koongamia Western Australia Australia

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