4WD Supacentre Batter chargers

At 4WD Supacentre we endeavour to give you the best value for money on the gear you need most, so we have put together a massive range of 12v power systems to help you setup your 4WD, Campervan, Caravan, boat or camper trailer into a versatile rig that you can rely on for 12v power no matter where you are.

Our range includes deep cycle AGM batteries and dual battery systems from the Adventure Kings range all the way to industry leading CTEK battery charging and maintenance systems.

The CTEK battery systems are certainly industry leaders in high performance charging setups and their products can be found as standard equipment on many of the worlds luxury car brands like Porsche and Ferrari.

Needless to say the range we carry is fully comprehensive and easy to install, whilst offering one of the smartest setups available in the world.

CTEK’s CTX battery sense technology is a smart monitoring system which keeps track of your vehicle’s battery status sending Bluetooth information directly to your smart phone giving you an instant update on your battery, so you don’t get to the boat ramp or campsite and realise you’ve got a flat!.

We also stock CTEK D250SA DC/DC charger which can isolate your accessory battery and will intelligently divert your smart alternator output or solar panel and regulate voltage and amperage to charge your battery.

The Adventure Kings Dual Battery System uses a simple 140Amp voltage sensitive smart relay to isolate your batteries when your starti

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Company: 4WD Supacentre

Telephone: 1800883964

Address:2 Stanley St Silverwater
Sydney NSW Australia

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