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RPA automates high volume, repetitive business processes exactly as performed by human workers. Work is assigned to software robots or “bots” that carry out processes between applications, portals, websites, and other data sources.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is reinventing the way how business gets done nowadays: RPA technology holds the promise of a smarter future for business processes through ‘flawless performance of repetitive tasks’ at a lower cost than traditional processes.

Due to 25-40% labor cost reduction with RPA, it’s opening many paths for enterprise decision makers.

RPA operates across multiple systems by interpreting human behavior.

It allows for uninterrupted processing by interacting with various applications through their user interface, just as humans do and there is no integration required.Benefits of adopting RPA :• Efficiency – Regularizes processes, minimizes variations and works 24x7 • Cost Reduction - Onshore costs reduced by 40%-65% and offshore costs by 18%-25% • Accuracy - RPA eliminates manual intervention, thereby minimizing errors • Speed - Automation tools are at least twice as faster as human workforce
Robotic Process Automation at ITPlusPoint :Effective implementation of RPA needs a thorough understanding of:• RPA technologies existing in the market; applicability, strengths and limitations• Business process reengineering• Domain knowledge• Technology aspects
ITPlusPoint has a dedicated team of highly expertized manpower to identify, evaluate, implement and maintain RPA solutions for our clients.

Our team leverages on a defined methodology that helps identify a RPA opportunity, develop the most optimal resolution and maturely execute the solution.

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Company: IT PlusPoint Pty. Ltd.

Telephone: 61 2 8004 6475

Address:201/10 Clarke Street
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