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Zaheen Nanji is a motivational speaker and Resilience trainer who train organizations on how to build their resilience muscle so it becomes a first reflex in times of change and challenge.

6 Important Ways to Teach Children to be Independent &Resilient

Recently, a 6-week pilot program was organized by some famous Canadian speaker on Build Resilience in Children.

Working strategies, set by the best Resilience coacheswere for 5-6 year old children and their parents, as well as for 11-12 year old children and their parents.
Stress management and resilience training is so important to teach children at a young age so they are better able to manage challenges that come their way.

In this blog, we first going to learn the outcomes of being more independent and then we’ll dive into how to teach your children to be more independent and become Resilience expert.

Increased confidence and self-esteem will mean that you’ll be able to trust yourself more.

You’ll think more positively about yourself and your capabilities.

You’ll feel competent to handle most situations and challenges without fear.

At long run, such self-esteem helps you in Building Personal Resilience at work and home.

Asset to Others:
When you can properly care for yourself, it allows you to become an asset to others, because you can then care for others in ways you couldn’t before.

This both allows you to give and allows those who need help to receive.

This type of Resilience Leadership Trainings from childhood helps to increase success ratio of an individual.

Being independent will increase your ability to be viewed as a positive contributor to your family, your town or city

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