HELUMA - snail slime

HELUMA was born to bring effective natural snail slime products to the market, designed to satisfy the most demanding skin. To do this it is essential to start from a raw material of the highest quality, guaranteed and controlled every day.

Our entire line of pure snail slime is extracted from snails from selected farms with a natural growth cycle.

Only Helix Aspersa snails are used, the richest species of mucopolysaccharides, allontoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, peptides and vitamins.

The extraction system is also the most advanced ever: it is based on a "closed" cycle that prevents contamination of the product, with a very low bacterial load and acid pH.

The burr is extracted using a cruelty free system, in which the welfare of the animal is safeguarded.

The combination of these conditions represents the best guarantee for obtaining a truly effective cosmetic product, capable of enhancing the characteristics of this extraordinary raw material.

Business Details

Company: HELUMA

Telephone: 393478239102

Address:Via Piardello 1
Caselle Landi (LO) Lombardia Italy

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