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Add Your URL to Latest Sites

Adding your URL to Latest Sites is a great way to effectively promote your website. Please complete the details below to have your site added to Latest Sites within the next 24-48 hours after approval.

Carefully crafted descriptions of your site will result in better highly qualified traffic arriving at your website.

  1. Listings are marked "pending" and will not be publically available until MANUALLY APPROVED by our staff. Approval usually takes 24-48 hours.
  2. All fields are required
  3. Listings can easily be edited once approved.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any listing immediately and without notice
    Links to: Adult, sexually explicit, MLM, racist, defamatory, warez, gambling related, or pornography sites will NOT BE ACCEPTED along with links to sites that don't add any real value to our index
  5. a functional email address IS required or listings will be rejected.

Certain measures are set up to ensure the quality of the listings submitted to Latest Sites and shown on our network. For those people who DO the right thing, we apologise for these measures. For everyone else...

YOUR LISTING WILL BE REJECTED if you fail to accurately complete the form! And that includes
  • Not following the SIMPLE suggestions provided for each field
  • Repeating IDENTICAL content in multiple fields
  • NOT including your PROPER address details and contact name
  • Selecting the WRONG category for your listing
  • Including HTML CODE in your submission

Remember, attempts at spamming this site are a waste of your time as each listing undergoes our manual assessment and approval process in order to maintain the quality of our index!

Finally... We get so many submissions for sites that "send gifts to... (wherever)" and various computer/file recovery sites/software. NOTHING like that will be approved! so don't waste your time. We are not interested in listing sites like that.

From this page you can...


    Simply scroll DOWN this screen to enter the details for your URL listing. Note: We send you an email each time you edit your listing.


    Select a Category:
    If your listing suits more than one category, you must pick the BEST ONE.
    MULTIPLE submissions are rejected.

    LISTINGS NOT ENTERED INTO THE CORRECT CATEGORY WILL BE DELETED! There's one submitting from Canada who puts everything into Advertising... and that is INcorrect. Yes, while this IS advertising their business, but unless they are an Ad Agency or engaged in promotion of someone else... you really should put them in the right category for THEIR business! And you are getting paid for this??? Sheesh! :)

    Please get it right - invalid or redirected URLs are deleted
    Web Site Name:
    50 characters maximum allowed
    Brief Description

    DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THE SAME INFO INTO THESE DESCRIPTION FIELDS! You WILL get deleted if you do not follow this simple rule :)

    For display on our "results" pages... this is THE paragraph that "entices" people to click through to your listing.
    And ALSO serves as the intro to your "full" listing page. Make it count!!!

    Allow 40 words approximately, with no more than 250 characters maximum, AND NO HTML
    Longer Description

    DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THE SAME INFO INTO THESE DESCRIPTION FIELDS! You WILL get deleted if you do not follow this simple rule :)

    Please expand on (but DO NOT REPEAT) the above brief description.If you just repeat it, the listing WILL BE REMOVED.

    This is for display on the page which contains your full listing. Allow 250 words approximately, with no more than 1500 characters maximum.
    Basic HTML allowed (bold, italic, break tags only)

    Provide more detailed information about your business / web site here. We strongly suggest you take advantage of this opportunity. Provide very little detail here, and people won't bother clicking through to your site! Provide garbage, and we won't allow it to be published on our site!

    Extra Keywords
    Include additional key words / brand names etc (400 chars max) that people use to search for this type of business

    There is NO need to include words that are already in either description above - and please... NO keyword spamming!!!

    Your Business Name:
    Your full business details are always included in our listings as we believe the public have a right to know exactly WHO they are dealing with.

    If you don't provide proper details, we don't approve your listing. Simples.

    Street or Postal Address:
    That's NO town/state/zip info here thanks... just the NUMBER and STREET name - i.e. 123 Sample Street :)
    Select a Country:
    Zip/Postal Code:
    Business Phone #:
    (Include international and local area codes)

    Contact First Name:
    Your personal contact details are NOT for publication with your listing We just want to know who we are dealing with :)

    Contact Surname:
    Not for publication.
    Contact Email:
    Not for publication.
    Not for publication.
    Used so you can edit listing later.

    Please enter the number at right
    to prove you are a real person.


    You have ONE HOUR to complete this submission!

    If you are unable to complete the submission within the next 60 minutes,
    you will have to lodge a new one.

    NOTE: You may be sent (very) occasional emails to keep you updated on system enhancements.
    If you wish to opt-out from such emails, please do NOT submit any listings.

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